How to Use

How to set up

First, place the electric heater in the yellow earth bathtub so that the temperature adjustment dial is in front of it.

Fill the bathtub two-thirds full with hot water (70 degrees or higher).

*If you want to reduce the bubbling, fill the bath salts with water first, and then warm them with the electrothermal device.

Select a bag of zayatsu agent that fits your application and place it all inside the jar.

Turn the temperature control dial of the electric heater to the 12 o’clock position.

Place the crucible on the electric heater and wait until the water boils, about 5 to 8 minutes.

*If you like it hot, set the dial to 1 o’clock; if you like it warm, set it to 12 o’clock.
Turn the dial to the right.

*When turning the dial, be careful not to let your hand touch the electric heater.
Be careful.

Place the cushion on top of the bathtub.

After removing all undergarments and clothes, put on a gown and sit on the sitz bath.

*Use the za-bath for 30 to 40 minutes.

*If the bath is hot, change the posture as you go.

After you finish mugwort steaming, wipe the whole body with a steam towel so that the bath agent can soak into the body.

Be sure to turn off the power after use.

If you are pregnant, have low or high blood pressure, or are menstruating, please consult your doctor before use.

When the steaming is finished, discard the sitz bath in the crucible.

When washing the crucibles, wash them in water without detergent.

How to use the cape

1. Put your face in the gown.

Effect of improving rhinitis, skin elasticity UP

2. Put your shoulders out

Effect of half-body bathing

How to sit

1. Sit on the rear part of the bathtub

The steam, which is rich in sedative ingredients warms the lower abdomen and chest area.

2. Sitting in the front part of the sitz bath

Steam filled with the ingredients of a sitz bath warms the back, shoulder, and neck area.