What happened two years after opening a mugwort steam salon? – Minaluna Yokohama Japan

*This article is a machine translation of an article on our contributor’s website in Japan.

Mugwort Steam Salon “minaluna” in Yokohama

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We had a chance to talk with the owner of the wonderful salon “minaluna” in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and we would like to introduce the salon and its surroundings.

Why I decided to start a Mugwort Steam Salon

I experienced mugwort steaming myself and discovered that this is what it means to be warmed from the core. Knowing that most women suffer from sensitivity to cold, I thought it would be nice if I could ease the symptoms of complaints that do not require a trip to the hospital by using yomogi steaming as one of the folk remedies.

Innovations in running a salon

We devise our salon with the idea that if I were a customer, what kind of service and treatment would make me happy and comfortable?
We have a welcome board when you come to our salon and adjust the temperature at the right time.

Customer’s Voice

As a store specializing in Mugwort Steam, I was very satisfied with the care that went into every corner. The room is spacious and luxurious. Just looking at the aquarium was relaxing, and the atmosphere was excellent. I will detoxify a lot and aim to be healthy. I found a good place.

How did you feel after starting the salon?

We have been receiving reservations every day without interruption by informing them of the benefits of ocher at the first visit to the salon so that they understand and feel the benefits of ocher.


Postscripted – Jul, 4th, 2021

When Minaluna introduced our Mugwort Steam Set, they were operating in their home, but now they are operating in a commercial building. Congratulations on your business expansion!

Postscripted – Jul, 4th, 2021

Future Prospects

In a few years, I would like to rent a store in an easily accessible location near a station and spread the benefits of yomogi steaming to as many people as possible.

You’ve made your dream come true!

Postscripted – Jul, 4th, 2021

Message from the Owner

One of the advantages of our business was that we could have up to two people in one room of our home. We are community-based and communicate with our customers, and now we are receiving happy comments like, “Thank you for opening a mugwort steam salon in this area! It is very rewarding to receive such kind words from our customers. I would like to continue to take the first step toward good health together with our customers.

Salon Information

Website: https://minaluna.jp/

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/iK1NK23ByRLAerz18

We are all very impressed with how well the salon has grown in just two years.
We couldn’t be happier if our products have played a part in that.

Postscripted – Jul, 4th, 2021

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