Mugwort steaming and bodywork/massage go hand in hand

*This article is a machine translation of an article on our contributor’s website in Japan.

How did you get started with Mugwort Steaming?

I was so impressed by the benefits of mugwort steaming that I wanted to give my daughters mugwort steaming after my fibroid was reduced by mugwort steaming. I wanted to give it to my daughters!

What I am trying to do in running the salon

I try to make my customers feel comfortable so that they can return home with a healthy body and mind.

What has happened since you started the salon?

My skin is glowing and I feel younger, probably due to the effect of the mugwort steam!

Customer’s Voice

I received a set of massage and mugwort steaming because of pain in my legs and back and pain from uterine fibroids. My stiff body became soft and light in no time! I look forward to going back for the mugwort steaming treatment because I can feel my body becoming more beautiful with each visit!

The relaxing and detoxifying effect of the steam, with its pleasant herbal aroma and comfortable temperature, was just like taking a bath in a hot spring.
The warmth from the core of my body, smooth skin, and relaxed mind and body make Mugi Steam an important time for me to heal and maintain my body.

Future Prospects

We have received many compliments from our customers that the salon is comfortable and like a power spot. We aim to become a salon that not only heals the body, but also heals the mind and raises the vibrations of the body!

Message from the owner

First of all, I will help you to improve your metabolism by relaxing your stiffness, and then mugwort steaming will be very effective! I would like to help women stay young and beautiful forever! Please come and be healed by the satoyama air.


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