Hwangjin Oriental Herb Bundle

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Results of 5 years of research

We use only ingredients certified by “東医宝鑑” and “本草綱目”, and all of our products are cultivated without pesticides. Hwangjin’s mugwort herbs, developed after years of research, have also been certified  by the Korean government.



The ingredients of Hwangjin’s mugwort herbs are all naturally grown without pesticides, and are newly blended by local Korean and Japanese experts.

We have also commissioned experts in pharmaceutical law to ensure that our products are in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Therefore, our valued customers who are planning to open their own salons in the future can also use this product with confidence.


Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

The mugwort herbs we offer are rare, high-grade mugwort herbs that are classified as “cosmetic bath salts in Japan and Korea.

All of the Hwangjin’s mugwort herbs included in our Hwangjin Ochre Sitz Bath Set are new mugwort herbs made without agricultural chemicals, and you can choose from three different types of bath salts depending on your needs. (All three types are included in Hwangjin Ochre Sitz Bath Set, too.)



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