Hwangjin Ochre Sitz Bath Set

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Set Contents

  1. Hwangjin ocher sitz bath unit
  2. Ocher pot
  3. Dedicated electric burner
  4. Connector
  5. Cushion for Ocher Sitz Bath
  6. Cloak for Ocher Sitz Bath
  7. Three types of sitz bath solutions (For Women, For Dieting, For Skin Care, For a total of 21 items)


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Korean Style Mugwort Steaming

In Korea, mugwort steaming is a traditional method of postpartum care that has been widely used for more than 600 years.


In Korea, this handmade sitz bath has sold more than 5,000 units in three years.

So why is Hwangjin’s sitz bath so popular?




It is easy to install in salons with limited space or at home as it does not take up much room.


Easy to use

Anyone can get started with no complicated procedures or skills required.


Durability for a lifetime of use

Inexpensive wooden or plastic baths are prone to mould and breakage.

Hwangjin’s yellow clay sitz baths, on the other hand, are built to last a lifetime.


You can see changes in your physical condition

After 30 to 40 minutes of mugwort steaming, you can see the oil and bubbles inside your body in the ocher jar placed under the sitz bath device. The color of the bubbles and the smell of the bubbles will inform you of changes in your physical condition, making it ideal for women’s health care.


Great comfort

Why do you think each Hwangjin sitz bath is handmade by craftsmen?

Mugwort steaming involves sitting for a long period of time, so unless it conforms to the shape of a person’s buttocks, it is difficult to relax. The reason why Hwangjin’s sitz bath has such a good reputation is because it is more comfortable to sit on than other types of sitz baths.

The earthy texture of the yellow earthenware is a sign of a high quality product that can only be achieved with natural materials.



Precious five-colour yellow earth

Hwangto is a soil rich in minerals and enzymes, and has been widely used in Korea for everything from medicine to construction. The ochre used in our orchre sitz bath is a very rare material called “five-colour ochre“, which can only be harvested in certain areas of Korea.

It contains not only the conventional components of loess, but also a rich variety of ingredients that are good for the body, such as far infrared radiation and germanium.



Latest cape with both arms free.

Our Mugwort Steamers set features the latest pink cape.

The cape can be opened and closed with a zip so that both arms can be freely moved, and the neck of the cape has been improved for a better fit.

The material used for the cape is also made from high quality fibre, making it the best cape for mugwort steaming.



5 units installed in salons

We operate 5 salon stores in Japan. When we decided to introduce something new, the first thing that came to mind was the Mugwort Steamer. I thought ordering online would be the cheapest option, so I looked around and found the most flexible and competitive prices, so I decided to become a distributor here. We will be opening 5 stores simultaneously from next month (Jan 2023) and I really appreciate the advice you have given us on how to offer our products.

🇯🇵 Japan



For 3 Generations

I am old enough to have grandchildren, but I purchased two units together at a discounted price so that I could enjoy Mugwort Steaming with my daughter and grandchildren.

My grandchildren are already adults, so it is hard for me to find opportunities to do it with them, but I really look forward to doing Mugwort Steaming with them once or twice a month while listening to them and my daughter’s stories. Although it is a bit expensive, I am really glad I bought it because I can use it for a long time.

🇲🇴 Macau



97% repeat ratio

We purchased this product for a new installation in our salon. This company’s response time to our inquiries was very fast and they answered our questions carefully, so we can trust them very much. After the installation, 97% of our customer return to our salon and it has become a popular menu item in our salon!

Hawaii, US


Success Story

What happened two years after opening a mugwort steam salon? – Minaluna Yokohama Japan


Prompt and courteous support

Since we are an authorized distributor of Hwangjin, we are able to provide prompt support. No matter what kind of inquiry you have, we will respond to it with care.
We will provide you with information on mugwort vaporizing at any time through reports on opening a home salon, newsletters, etc.


Certified and qualified staff are always available to assist you

Our certified steam therapists are always available to answer your questions and concerns.

You can always get assistance from a Hwangjin Steam expert.

Certified Hwangjin Steam Therapists are those who have received a certificate after learning “product knowledge and expertise on Mugwort Steaming” at a seminar specified by Hwangjin.


Please take this opportunity to enjoy the traditional Korean product, Hwangjin Mugwort Steam.

1 review for Hwangjin Ochre Sitz Bath Set

  1. Narumi 🇫🇷

    I started using steamed mugwort in my 20’s and I have been using it for 5 years by now. For my health,I have undergone infertility treatment, and instead of going to the store, I was able to purchase it more cheaply online. I was able to make the deal through a winter bonus. Now, i have been using this everyday, and I feel that the state of my body has been improving. The free gift included was also very helpful. It was a good purchase. Thanks a lot!

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Q.1 Should I not do Mugwort Steaming during menstruation?

Even during menstruation, it varies from case to case.

Avoid heavy bleeding days, such as days 1-3.

However, if you are just about to finish, it is okay to do so.

Q.2 Is there any smell left on my body after mugwort steaming?

The body is warmed by the smoke from a pack of mugwort that has been boiled. The smell is only faint.

Q.3 Can I take a shower right after Mugwort Steaming?

The steam is absorbed through the skin.

Absorption continues for a while after mugwort steam is finished, so it is advisable to wipe off the sweat with a towel instead of taking a shower. It is recommended to wipe off the sweat with a towel instead of taking a shower.

Q.4 How often should mugwort steaming be performed?

It is recommended to do this 5-6 times a week and rest for a day or so.

Once you feel a change in your physical condition, the effect will continue even if you reduce the frequency a little.

Q.5 Should I remove my makeup before mugwort steaming?

Although the effects of mugwort steaming can be achieved with makeup on, the effects of mugwort steaming are more effective without makeup because it is absorbed more through the facial skin.

Q.6 Can I still have mugwort steaming during pregnancy?

It is possible during pregnancy. However, it should only be used in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are suffering from morning sickness or other symptoms, do not force yourself to use it.

Also, since it has a tightening effect after childbirth, you may want to start using Mugwort Steam again after you have calmed down a little after giving birth. Some women begin using Mugwort Steam again after they have calmed down a little after giving birth.

Q.7 How do I deal with odors on the sitz bath?

We sometimes receive this question from customers who operate salons. It is acceptable to use spray deodorizers.

However, please be sure to wipe them off with a damp cloth after use.

Q.8 Can my child also do the mugwort steam?

There is no problem as long as you place the stand and your feet are on the ground.

If your child is a girl, be sure NOT to do mugwort steaming until her first menstrual period.

Q.9 Do men also do mugwort steaming?

Men are also welcome. Some couples do it.

For men, please sit in the front of the sitz bath so that the steam passes down your back.

Q.10 Can I use other brands of herbs?

Yes, you can.

We will not be held liable for any damages or accidents that occur as a result of using any herbs other than our own “Oriental Herb.”